GrindDefine™ – designed for consistent high-precision grinding.

- Tailor-made particle size distributions.
- Superior quality consistency – never too coarse, never too fine.
- Brand-new high-performance roll temperature control.
- Processing zone scraper system for minimal product residues.


GrindDefine – a new landmark in coffee grinding technology from Bühler, the global technology leader in roller grinding. The modular coffee grinder GrindDefine was specifically designed for consistent high-precision coffee grinding, making it the preferred choice for grinding tasks in high-performing coffee factories. Tailor-made particle size distributions.
Regardless whether it is for filter, espresso, Turkish-style coffee or capsule applications, the tailor-made particle size distributions make this grinder the preferred choice for all ambitious grinding tasks.

Superior quality consistency – never too coarse, never too fine
Once the optimal particle size distribution for a specific application has been defined, it can be replicated and kept constant over the entire production period. All machine parameters are stored in specific grinding recipes for the various coffee products and can be easily managed at plant control level. Key performance parameters are tracked continuously and can be monitored any time.

Brand-new high-performance roll temperature control
This new roll cooling design is a worldwide unique innovation. It offers roll temperature control in an unprecedented precision. The water of the cooling loop flows through peripheral drill holes in the rolls, as close as possible to the coffee product passing through the gap. This system results in superior gap control, product temperature control and quality consistency.

Processing zone scraper system for minimal product residues
A new scraper system in the processing zone of the grinder minimizes product residues, resulting in a very smooth grinding operation. It makes product change-overs very easy and efficient and ensures product traceability.


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