GrainPlus LAGA

GrainPlus LAGA – The cost-effective and compact screening machine.

- Optimum cleaning
- High operational reliability
- Easy maintenance
- Separation of metallic impurities

GrainPlus LAGA

The cleaning/screening machine GrainPlus LAGA provides the same benefits as the machines of the SMA series, but it is additionally equipped with an inlet aspiration system and allows easy access to the screens from the front. Even in particularly dusty environments, the machines of the GrainPlus series guarantee excellent cleaning results. They are optimally suited for applications in plants for the reception and storage of grain and other bulk materials, port facilities, mills, silo and storage plants, seed processing plants as well as malting plants.

Optimum separation of diverse impurities

  • In order to separate extremely light fractions, every cleaning machine of the GrainPlus series is equipped with a vertical sifter with variable air volume regulation.
  • The cleaning result is further improved by an optional inlet aspiration system. Pre-cleaning reduces the screen load, the screens are kept clear and only low maintenance is required.
  • A magnet plate is available as an option for integration in the vertical sifter, where it removes metallic impurities from the product flow, thus preventing failures and damages in subsequent process steps.

Highest standards in terms of operational reliability

  • Safety equipment, such as the oscillation monitor on the screen box, provides protection against malfunctions.
  • The tension of the V-belt is easy to adjust, providing guaranteed smooth operation as well.

Easy maintenance thanks to access from the front to change screens

  • Access from the front facilitates the replacement of screens.
  • Cleaning is particularly comfortable, as the screens can be easily taken out through the open screen flaps.

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