Frisse™-DÜC S

Frisse™-DÜC S – The double-overthrow conche comes with the Frisse™-DÜC S in a new design and combines latest engineering technology with proven conching technology.

- High shearing due to the design of the conching tools
- Improved vessel design for less product residues
- Reduced machine footprint due to new drive arrangement
- Latest hygiene and safety standard

Frisse™-DÜC S

The DÜC S embodies the perfect combination of state-of-the-art engineering and decades of experience in the world of chocolate producing. The principle of the double-overthrow conche allows short conching times thanks to an extremely high application of shear forces.

High shearing due to the design of the conching tools.
The special kneading and shearing characteristics of the DÜC S ensure efficient texture modification from the dry/plastic product to the liquid end product. Depending on the specific application, the conching process can be carried out in different ways. This is offered by the DÜC S with its combination of process control, aeration, exact temperature control, energy input, and direction of rotation of the conching shaft.

Improved vessel design for less product residues.
With minimal vessel changes it is assured that as less product as possible remains in the vessel trough by keeping the proven inside vessel geometry.

Reduced machine footprint due to new drive arrangement.
With the new drive concept the footprint of the machine has been reduced by keeping the capacity of the machines. This results in less space requirements by keeping the same troughput.

Latest hygiene and safety standard.
During the development of the DÜC S special attention was paid to a high-sanitation design. Combination of state of the art hygienic design and use of new components allows us to make a step forward with this machine generation. Reduction of unnecessary bolts results in smooth paneling, which them allows easy cleaning of the machine from the outside.


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