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Baking oven for molded cones and cups

Franz Haas MTA

Produce all kinds of molded wafers with a sugar content of up to 10% with Bühler's Franz Haas MTA baking oven. This includes molded ice cream cones, wafer cups and other wafer shapes.

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Key benefits

Raise your output while staying flexible

You can easily replace the baking molds with different cones and cups and raise your output with an oven extension. Produce as many as 21100 cones or cups per hour with up to 48 baking molds of 11 cones each.

High-quality molded cones and cups

The Franz Haas MTA’s baking molds are engineered and produced in Austria and made from high-quality gray iron. Throughout the entire baking process the automatic temperature control effortlessly achieves even baking conditions.

Robust design

High-quality parts (heat-stabilized ball bearings with heat-resistant grease) reduce downtimes and prolong the lifetime of the oven. The chain tensioning system compensates the different thermal expansions of the chain and the oven frame during operation.

Operating principle

The new generation of baking ovens for molded cones and cups

Batter is poured into the lower halves of the baking molds. Before closing, the upper molds with the cone or cup cores are moved up and down several times to avoid trapped air. Then, the closed baking molds move through the oven. After one complete cycle, the upper mold is raised and a stripping knife removes any baking residues from the lower molds. They are then opened to release the products.

Efficient production

Lower energy consumption for more efficiency

Special nozzle burners powered by a WhirlWind gas mixing system ensure efficient combustion and low energy consumption. Thanks to the high-grade door insulation, all energy is used efficiently.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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