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Flow balancer


The Rois is a fully automatic flow balancer capable of meeting all high-end requirements. It is tailored to effectively dose a wide range of granular products and sets new benchmarks in food safety and digitalization.

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Key benefits

Maximum transparency on machine and processing line

Bühler Insights' Scales Monitoring System provides insights on critical process parameters and predictive maintenance.

Maximized machine uptime

Uniquely powerful and extremely easy to operate bUnify machine controller, with a modern and intuitive user interface.

Maximum safety and easy operation and maintenance

Easy and safe to operate and maintain thanks to its uniquely ergonomic, robust and hygienic design.

Ease of use

Best-in-class usability

bUnify, the powerful and modern control system is characterized by its unique ease of use and flexibility to connect the Rois to any plant control system. An integrated web server allows monitoring and operation from different devices such as tablets and personal computers. Unique guiding wizards support the operation and maintenance team whenever troubleshooting is required.


Maximize plant efficiency

The Scales Monitoring System, featured by Bühler Insights, provides full transparency on all parameters critical for process and critical for quality. Smart interpretations lead to optimal dosing quality, enable predictive maintenance and detect any instabilities in the overall production process.

Food safety

Full implementation of hygienic design

The Rois is designed according to the highest food safety standards. All metal surfaces touching the product are made out of stainless steel and all sealings are made out of food-grade materials. The product zone is free of dust-accumulating zones and bolts. Big cleaning and maintenance openings provide safe, easy, and fast access.

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