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Automatic flow balancer

The automatic flow balancer is a gravimetric proportioning system that delivers accurate grain and rice blends. It features a high-grade load cell for accurate measurement and is fully automated for ease of use.

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Key benefits

Fully automated for ease of use

An easy-to-use control system with a choice of either a serial or an analog interface.

Accurate blends of rice and grains

The flow balancer uses a measurement system known as force sensors. A highly sensitive measurement system for accurate proportioning.

Peace of mind

The flow balancer features a pneumatically controlled proportioning gate that automatically closes in case of a power failure. This stops the product from overflowing and restarting.

Highlight features

High precision

Ensure constant throughput with precise measurement

Integrated electronics built into the automatic flow balancer enable close control of the production process through the highly accurate measurement of material. A pneumatically controlled proportioning gate is designed to automatically close in case of a power failure.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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