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Flaking mill

The flaking mill OLFB produces consistent flakes at highest throughputs. With a compact footprint and integrated control unit, it is the perfect solution for flaking your cracked soybeans and soft seeds with the precision you need.

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Key benefits

Quick and convenient access for high productivity

Large, hinged swing doors allow quick access to all major components, making it simple to adjust and clean the mixer, feeder device, magnet, product guide sheet and scraper.

Designed for high performance

The flaking mill OLFB utilizes the latest technology to achieve top flaking efficiency with consistent flakes at throughputs of more than 500 tons per 24 hours.

High throughput with economic efficiency

The flaking mill OLFB is fitted with a single overhead drive, which, in combination with a friction-optimized main and serpentine drive system, reduces power consumption and results in a 25% smaller footprint than conventional flaking mills.

Highlight features

Highest availability

Flake adjustment during operation saves time

With our flaking mill OLFB, you can carry out mechanical and hydraulic adjustments to change flake thickness during operation. This helps to increase your plant uptime and improve production capacity, contributing to lower overall operating costs.

Always in control

PLC control unit puts you in control

A convenient, easy-to-operate control panel is installed on the flaker’s door, allowing your operator to monitor hydraulic pressures, motor amps, percentage of full load amps, operating hours and alarms. Motor starting and stopping as well as roller engagement can also be controlled from here.

Top-class rollers

High-quality rollers for tough flaking requirements

A special centrifugal casting process brings you a robust flaking action, low maintenance requirements and high production reliability. This is achieved with an outer chilled-iron alloy combined with a tough cast-alloy core. The powerful forces during centrifugal casting deliver high wear resistance and compressive strength. Various roller qualities are available to match your specific needs.


The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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