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Error and downtime analysis


Error and downtime analysis EDA is a digital tool which quickly analyzes how your production equipment is performing. See which machines could be improved. Compare the performance of shifts, recipes or plants worldwide – share the data with your team.

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Key benefits

Increase uptime

Get an overview of your equipment’s performance. You can filter results based on sections of the production line, time and shifts. You can even compare plants worldwide. See what's going wrong and how to improve production.

Information transparency

The data is stored on our cloud-based platform Bühler Insights. There is no need for logbooks or Excel sheets. Everyone in your team can access the data and analysis online – in your plant or on the move.

Accurate data

The error and downtime analysis uses data straight from the machines and our automation system. It cannot be modified or changed.

Key features

How it works

Information transparency using Bühler Insights

The error and downtime analysis collects historical and real-time data from your production line. This is then analyzed on our Bühler Insights platform, which can process vast amounts of data. We look for anomalies, to see what's going wrong and where. So you can see how to improve production and cut downtime.


Compare different times, shifts and more in real time

You can compare different shifts, time periods, events, lines – even different plants in different countries. You can see the results in real time and get quick analysis of how your production equipment and plant is performing.

Trend analysis

Track issues over time

Our trend analysis displays the most frequent errors and their overall impact on your downtime.


Create your own alarms

You can set customized alarms. So if certain criteria are not met, an alarm will let you know.

The error and downtime analysis EDA can quickly give you a complete overview of your plant. You can compare machines, whole lines, shifts – even all your plants worldwide. So you can see what’s not working and how to reduce downtime.

Javier Lozano, Product Manager, Bühler Group

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