Double Slide-Gate Feeder MWSU

Double Slide-Gate Feeder MWSU – Accurate proportioning of free-flowing products.

- Precise feeding
- Excellent sanitation
- Highest level of operating reliability

Double Slide-Gate Feeder MWSU

Bühler's double slide-gate feeder MWSU accurately feeds free-flowing products such as grain, semolina or feed pellets into weighing systems. It provides efficient and reliable operation and offers the highest level of proportioning precision for a broad area of applications. Precise feeding for a wide capacity range
  • The MWSU's separate fast and dribble-flow feed modes ensure a high level of proportioning accuracy over a broad range of capacities.

Optimized design allows for excellent sanitation

  • The geometry of the double slide-gate feeder has been streamlined for free-flowing products. This reduces the build-up of residues to a minimum, thus enabling outstanding sanitation.

Rugged design ensures high level of operating reliability

  • Thanks to its sturdy construction, the double slide-gate feeder guarantees a high level of operating reliability.


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