Differential Bagging Scale MWBC

Differential Bagging Scale MWBC – for precise regulation and measurement.

- High-precision filling
- Excellent sanitation
- Handles a wide range of capacities

Differential Bagging Scale MWBC

Bühler's differential bagging scale MWBC for non-free-flowing materials can be employed in a wide range of applications. Finished products with a fat content of up to 28% can be proportioned and weighed. Depending on the required capacity of the differential dosing scale, various full flow and dribble flow dosing systems are employed.

Precise bagged weights for exact and continuous filling.
The weighing hopper is suspended at three points and independently stabilized. With the help of a frequency-driven motor, the attached screw discharger proportions the amount of material for the desired bagged weight. Thus, the unit enables highly precise, continuous filling within a weight range of 10 to 50 kg. Problems with bag ventilation do not occur and no changeover supports are required.

Low-dust design ensures excellent sanitation.
The differential bagging scale MWBC works without a scale dump hopper, which usually becomes a dust zone in conventional systems. This design advantage guarantees sanitation at the highest level, while simultaneously keeping required maintenance to a minimum.

Full and dribble flow principle for a wide range of capacities.
The differential bagging scale MWBC handles low, medium and high bagging capacities in a variety of ways:

  • For low bagging capacities (up to six bags/min.), the scale uses the full and dribble flow principle.
  • For medium bagging capacities (6 to 12 bags/min.), dosing of the full and dribble flow is carried out on two separate scales.
  • For high bagging capacities of between 13 and 18 bags/min. (depending on bag size), two full flow scales are used.