BuhlMark - Marking device for absolute traceability of parts

- Highest degree of flexibility
- User-friendly
- Efficiency and low maintenance


BuhlMark is a flexible marking device used for fast and permanent parts labeling and ensures the absolute traceability of cast parts. The device is built to be used in tough foundry environments and has a completely protected stamping unit. Highest degree of flexibility 
  • BuhlMark is extremely well-suited to meet the individual demands of parts marking. It only requires very short amounts of time for stamping and works well in applying alpha-numeric symbols and codes. Three different types of stamping – stylus stamping, dot-matrix stamping and Datamatrix coding – allow for flexible labeling.


  • BuhlMark is integrated in the Bühler casting cell control system and follows the operating philosophy of the die casting machine. This makes it easy to use during production and refitting and also saves in costs for additional training.

Efficiency and low maintenance

  • The marking device requires hardly any maintenance and provides savings in the use of air and electricity.


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