Dehuller MHSA

Dehuller MHSA – high throughput and minimum breakage.

- Outstanding efficiency
- Extremely rugged
- Easy maintenance

Dehuller MHSA

Bühler's dehuller MHSA is a highly sophisticated module designed for use in precise and efficient dehulling processes. It is applicable for processing oats, spelt wheat, soya and sunflower seeds.

Maximum efficiency thanks to perfected dehulling technology.
The grooved impeller flights of the unit's rotor align the product so that it strikes the impact ring horizontally. In the process, the husk is separated from the kernel. This extensively tested solution guarantees maximum efficiency in the dehulling process: Besides ensuring high throughput and a high degree of dehulling with minimum breakage, the dehuller MHSA excels through its low energy consumption.

Rugged design ensures long lifetime.
The innovative design of the impact ring, as well as the robust housing, guarantee a low level of wear, thus ensuring the long lifetime of the dehuller MHSA.

Low maintenance and high dependability through intelligent construction.
The combination of low-maintenance components and easy machine access reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum. The resulting short downtimes guarantee the high dependability of the dehuller MHSA.


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