Sunflower Impact Dehuller DGBA

Sunflower Impact Dehuller DGBA - for state-of-the-art sunflower dehulling.

- Smooth dehulling for low fines
- Durable construction
- Low noise and vibrations
- Easy maintenance

Sunflower Impact Dehuller DGBA

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oilseed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. Bühler's horizontal sunflower impact dehuller DGBA is used for sunflower dehulling in the production of edible oil for the food processing industry. It is designed to increase oil production efficiency and oil yield through gentle dehulling of sunflower seeds. Smooth dehulling process produces fewer fines.
The unique horizontal design of Bühler's sunflower impact dehuller DGBA delivers the optimum residual oil and fiber content. The intelligent configuration provides for a smooth flow of material. Seeds are gently separated from the hulls, ensuring maximum quality and producing fewer fines.

Longer machine life through durable construction.
The dehuller body is made of sturdy carbon steel upon which the feeder is mounted di-rectly. All key parts including the impact chest and rotor have been designed to sustain high throughputs. All these robust components make the machine extremely durable and extend its lifetime.

Low noise and vibration emissions.
The sunflower impact dehuller DGBA provides for a quiet and more pleasant working environment. This is achieved through an optimized design and damping system which minimizes vibrations and prevents excessive noise.

Quick and easy maintenance of all key parts.
The large doors on the dehuller provide fast and convenient access for the maintenance of all key parts including the impact chest and rotor. The rotor beater plates and impact chest can be exchanged quickly. This results in substantial time and energy savings.