Container cover for dust loading LCHA -

Container cover for dust loading LCHA - Your dust compact discharged

- Independent of place and building
- Direct discharge without intermediate storage of dust
- Plug & Play - fully automated
- No re-raise of dust due to less handling

Container cover for dust loading LCHA

The Container cover is the ideal solution for a direct disposal of the extracted dust into a designed container outside of the building.

Saves space and unnecessary process steps
After the filtration of dust laden air the dust is often filled in intermediate storage bins or packed into bags within the plant. This does not only require available space in the building but also implicates additional reloading of the dust.

The container cover for dust loading can be placed in the outdoor area of the plant. Thereby the space within the building can be used otherwise. Already outside of the building and ready for loading, a haulage service can be commissioned to pick up the dust-filled container.


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