HYMIX Plus Conditioner

HYMIX Plus Conditioner – New technology to feed your profits.

- Higher line capacity and productivity
- Energy savings
- Less recycling
- Simple retrofit solution possible

Conditioner HYMIX Plus

Conditioning allows feed millers to improve the physical and physiological characteristics of their feeds, but this must be done at the right temperature. The Bühler HYMIX Plus is a development based on the existing HYMIX conditioner (DCHA). Its optimized paddle design reduces the start-up time by up to 60%. HYMIX conditioners already installed can easily be upgraded to the new feature. The smart terminal box allows for simple integration in Bühler or third-party line control systems. Reduction of start-up time and productivity increase. 
HYMIX Plus allows the start-up time of the pellet mill to be reduced by up to 60%. Depending on the pellet line layout and the production characteristics, this may result in a significant productivity increase. The higher the number of batch changes, the more profitable the system..

Energy savings by reduced start-up time.
The reduction of the start-up time also results in savings of mechanical and electrical energy during the conditioning and pelleting process.

Less scrap material due to guaranteed conditioning.
Before the material is fed to the pellet mill, 100% of the feed mash is heated to the set target temperature. No feed has to be recycled or dumped due to insufficient temperature treatment.

Simple retrofit solution.
All HYMIX conditioners of the series DCHA-400 and DCHA-700 can easily be upgraded on site within a short time.


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