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Compound rolling unit

Our compound rolling unit AVII uses pressing rollers to transform dough particles into uniform dough sheets for stick, fried, and air-dried noodle production lines. With the ‘first in, first out’ conveying process, product loss is reduced to a minimum.

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Key benefits

Uniform dough sheet

High-precision cast rollers and the roller gap adjustment enable you to create uniform dough sheets shaped according to your precise specifications.

Continuous process

The ‘first in, first out’ conveying process is designed to ascertain continuous production of your dough sheet without product loss.

Production flexibility

Each of the two pairs of rollers is equipped with an independent motor, frequency converter, and level position sensor, to deliver flexible, constant operation.

Highlight features


Working to fine tolerances

You can control the thickness of the dough sheet evenly across the roller's width within excellent tolerances of +/- 15 micrometers.


Managing your gluten matrix

The fine control allows you to ascertain that the gluten matrix of your dough sheet forms to your exact requirements, for better quality of your end product.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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