ChocoMaster™ Compact.

ChocoMaster™ Compact. Continuous moulding line for chocolate.

– Compact plant design with central control
– Sophisticated hygiene solutions
– Innovative Bühler quick-exchange system

ChocoMaster™ Compact.

The new ChocoMasterTM Compact is the ideal solution for production capacities of between 500 and 2,500 kg per hour. The plant meets all requirements for the manufacture of high-quality products and is suitable for solid tablets, bars and pralines – with or without inclusions. In the one-shot method, filled articles can also be produced if optional depositing tools are integrated. A closed depositing system for aerated masses can also be used.

Compact plant design with central control
With a total length of just 28 meters, a width of 3 meters and a height of 3.60 meters, the ChocoMaster™ Compact is designed to save space. The tension of the transport chain for complete mould conveyance on the line is controlled with pneumatic cylinders and can be adjusted, if required. All plant and dosing parameters can be read off, programmed and adjusted on a central HMI.

Sophisticated hygiene solutions
Further advantages include the plant's innovative hygiene concept, spacious openings for maintenance and cleaning work and transparent protective cladding for visual inspections. The plant frame, cooler cladding and demoulding station are all made exclusively of rust-proof materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. From mould exchange and mould heating through to the depositor, the process stations are protected by transparent polycarbonate cladding. The circumference of the approximately 15 meter long cooler has stainless-steel doors that extend across the entire plant height. This simplifies access to the process area and accelerates cleaning work.

Innovative Bühler quick-exchange system
A new quick-exchange system for the depositor enables the mass hopper and piston system or depositing tool, i.e. nozzle plate or shutter knife, to be exchanged in just a few minutes. The result is a faster article change, for example from smooth masses to masses with whole inclusions, or to a system for one-shot depositing or a system for aerated masses.


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