Central Vacuum Cleaning System VacuumClean

Central Vacuum Cleaning System VacuumClean – For maximum cleanliness in food processing plants.

- Fast, effective cleaning
- Flexible, customer-specific solutions
- Maximum safety
- High reliability

Central Vacuum Cleaning System VacuumClean

The Central Vacuum Cleaning System VacuumClean is the ideal cleaning system for milling and other food processing plants. It simultaneously removes and collects dust and product residues at several different points in the production through a piping network. VacuumClean can be integrated seamlessly in production processes and also in your process control system as required. Fast and effective cleaning.
  • With VacuumClean, dust can be extracted at up to six different points simultaneously. This speeds up the cleaning process, thus ensuring maximum plant uptime.
  • Waste is collected via the piping network in central containers located outside the production area. Besides ensuring disposal security, the system thus eliminates the presence of unsanitary waste containers inside the production plant.

High flexibility for individualized application.

  • The total number and position of the connection points can be individually selected according to customer requirements. A variety of hoses and additional cleaning apparatus such as pipe brushes or immersion pipes are also available.

Maximum safety for staff and production.

  • VacuumClean features a stand-alone blower, tested and (ATEX-) certified system components as well as antistatic cleaning equipment.
  • VacuumClean ensures optimal working conditions by providing dust-free air within the production facilities. Noise emissions are also significantly reduced compared to conventional industrial vacuum cleaners.

Low-maintenance system with long service life.

  • VacuumClean reduces required maintenance to a single robust system with tested components and a long lifecycle.


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