Centex™ - Full volume agitated bead mill for highest economy.

- Minimized specific energy requirement
- Higher productivity from smaller mill volume
- High flow capability
- Minimized cost of ownership


Horizontal full volume agitated bead mill with innovative combination of functional elements. Ideal for pass operation, in many cases highly suitable for economic recirculation mode. Conveying EcoMizerTM-discs guarantee highest energy efficiency. Bead separation is accomplished by Bühler SCSTM (Superior Centrifugal Separation), consisting of a highly effective deflector with integrated EcoMizerTM-function. Protected from wear a discharge screen is located within the deflector. Superior grinding quality with minimized specific energy requirement
The set-up in series of a multitude of defined grinding cells in combination with the efficient introduction of energy results in a high production rate with reduced energy requirement.

Higher productivity from smaller mill volume
The reduced energy requirement and the option, due to high quality of mill lining materials, to increase the power input entail an enhanced productivity from a smaller mill volume.

High flow capability
The SCSTM separation efficiency and the EcoMizerTM-discs, counteracting a compression of beads, enable high production rates.

Minimized cost of ownership
Due to the combination of high productivity, minimized energy requirement and outstanding service life of the individually exchangeable mill chamber components, it is extremely economical to own a CentexTM.