Belt and Bucket Elevator LBEB

Belt and Bucket Elevator LBEB – Setting the standard in versatility and performance.

- Versatility
- Sanitary design
- High operational reliability
- Fast installation

Belt and Bucket Elevator LBEB

New generation of conveying elements - Belt and Bucket Elevator LBEB

State-of-the-art elevator technology must satisfy today’s stringent quality criteria if bulk material is to be handled efficiently, quickly, and reliably. Buhler gives consideration to these requirements in designing and developing its universal Belt and Bucket elevator LBEB. The Belt and Bucket elevators LBEB are optimally suited for applications in plants for the collection and reception of grain and other bulk materials from the food and animal feed industry, flour mills and feed mills. Versatility
  • The comprehensive package of optional equipment, makes it possible to design every belt and bucket elevator customer specific to get the optimal conveyor for his application field.

Sanitary design

  • With a round intake boot and round shafts, the LBEB belt and bucket elevator satisfies highest sanitation requirements. Further options are also available in a sanitary design e.g. a falling brake for the outlet of the belt and bucket elevator.

High operational reliability

  • The safety devices include an integrated hold-back system, an electronic speed detector and off-track detector for the belt and an external monitoring unit. Additionally wear-resistant plastic lining for components exposed to high wear and tear ensures a long life cycle of the components.

Fast installation

  • The right tensioning procedure is described by our belt tension label, which contains all important details for the required tension. We now offer optional pre stressed belts, that reduces the installation time by up to 80%.


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