Belt and Bucket elevator LBEA

Belt and Bucket elevator LBEA – Flexible and cost-effective vertical conveying.

- Long life cycle
- High operational reliability
- Easy maintenance and cleaning

Belt and Bucket elevator LBEA

State-of-the-art elevator technology must satisfy today’s stringent quality criteria if large volumes of material are to be handled efficiently, quickly, and reliably. Bühler gives consideration to these requirements in designing and developing its Belt and Bucket elevator LBEA legs, where high capacities of up to 800 t/h and compact size play an important part. The Belt and Bucket elevators LBEA are optimally suited for applications in plants for the collection and reception of grain and other bulk materials from the food and animal feed industry, in port facilities as well as processing industries, e.g. malting plants or mills.

Long life cycle

  • Wear-resistant plastic lining for parts subjected to high wear and tear ensure a long life cycle.

High operational reliability

  • The safety devices include an integrated return stop system, an electronic speed detector and electronic off-track detector for the belt.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning is ensured by the split hood, inspection and cleaning ports on the boot and casings, and cleanout slide gates.

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