Bean crusher BIC

Bean crusher BIC – efficient and flexible crushing process.

- Top-class crushing and winnowing results
- High throughput capacity
- High flexibility
- Easy maintenance

Bean crusher BIC

The Bühler Barth bean crusher BIC efficiently crushes raw, pretreated, or roasted cocoa beans or reduces cocoa shells. Beyond its application in the cocoa processing industry, it is also applied for deagglomerating coffee powder. It can be installed as a stand-alone machine or as part of the Bühler Barth W winnowing system. Optimal winnowing results through advanced design.
Thanks to the special design, each single cocoa bean is subjected only once to the crushing process. In conjunction with the constant impact velocity, this minimizes undesirable fines and thus ensures optimal product yields.

High capacity and high efficiency through optimal process design.
The straightforward and efficient process design allows a high throughput rate with a low energy consumption. Depending on the specific product and process, throughput rates between 1 and 4.5 t/h are possible.

High product flexibility with only one machine.
The rotary speed of the centrifugal wheel – and thus in impacting intensity – can be quickly and easily varied across a wide range using a frequency controller. This enables the system to process all cocoa bean origins with optimal yields.

Easy maintenance through optimal design.
In designing the machine, the number of wear parts was deliberately minimized. All centrifugal plates of the centrifugal wheel and the impact plates are readily accessible and exchangeable.


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