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Full-volume bead mill

Cenomic Optima 3

Our Cenomic Optima takes bead mill technology to the next level. It delivers 25% higher productivity with higher flow rates, higher power inputs and improved cooling.

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Key benefits

25% higher productivity

With a new 30 kW drive unit and a 37.5% larger grinding disk surface delivering better bead activation, our Cenomic Optima allows you to reach the required specific energy for optimal grinding much quicker.

Lower product temperature

A ceramic inner lining ensures that your products stay cooler during grinding. This allows you to use the higher power input without breaching your product’s temperature limit.

Smoother production

A larger screen diameter enables at least 25% faster flow rates, whilst avoiding unwanted hydraulic compression.

Next generation of full-volume bead mill technology

Advanced technology

Re-engineered for better performance

The re-engineered Cenomic Optima offers a range of innovative technological improvements to speed up your wet-grinding operation without compromising product quality.

More power, higher flow rates

Faster wet grinding

The 30 kW power input enables you to reach your desired specified energy faster. More disks within the chamber deliver better bead activation. The reverse-feeding EcoMizer agitator disks reduce bead compression and improve circulation speeds. In tests on solvent-based wood lacquer, Optima achieved a 25% higher flow rate than Cenomic 3, producing an additional 140 kg every hour.

Ceramic lining

Cooler operation

With up to nine times higher thermal conductivity compared to steel, the ceramic inner lining can cope with a higher power input without overheating your products. Data from a solvent-based packaging ink application has shown that the Cenomic Optima can reach the required quality of less than 10 microns with a product temperature almost 7 ºC lower than a steel-lined chamber.

Larger screen diameter

Better overall productivity

A larger screen enables you to operate at higher flow rates without blockages. In a case study with water-based coating for paper, the Cenomic Optima accepted a 39% higher power input, allowing an increase in productivity of at least 40%, with a 13 ºC lower product temperature compared to the original Cenomic 3.

Cenomic Optima is available as an upgrade kit to your existing Cenomic 3 20 liter machine (with other models soon to be released). The kit includes new disks, ceramic inner lining, pull-out device for the lining, larger screen and an optional 30 kW drive unit that can all be retrofitted to your existing machine.

The Cenomic Optima offers these improvements with the same machine footprint, making it easy for you to replace existing machines. Bühler's consulting and engineering services can work with your team to help you plan the best possible implementation for your application.

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