SuperFlow™ - Annular agitated bead mill with internal bead circulation.

- Top quality due to high energy grinding 
- Highest productivity 
- Thermally protective 
- Ideal for recirculation mode


Small volume annular agitated bead mill with axial product flow featuring a power density up to 4 kW/l. The energy introduction is accomplished by turbulent eddying of beads of 0.3–1.5 mm via tightly overlapping pegs. Slim shaped process areas set-up in series and internal bead circulation with centrifugal separation at the upper end of the inner process area are unique features of the SuperFlowTM. Protected from wear a discharge screen is located within the upper rotor head. Top quality due to high energy grinding
The high load intensity in combination with small beads results in superior true grinding or in intense dispersing into the submicron to nano-range.The set-up of two slim shaped annular milling areas in series entail particularly narrow particle size distributions.

Highest productivity from small grinding chamber
The high power density effects the introduction of the required specific energy in comparatively short time. This results in a high net production rate from a small, easy to clean grinding chamber.

Thermal protective for sensitive products
The outer and inner stator cylinder and the lower deflection bottom act as intense cooling surfaces. From mill size SuperFlowTM VCR 200 additionally all rotor surfaces are cooled.

Ideal for recirculation mode
The internal bead recirculation with centrifugal transfer prevents compression of beads in the vicinity of the discharge screen. This enables extremely high flow rates.