K-Serie - Conical ring chamber mill with dynamic gap separation.

- Designed for universal applications
- High power density with small grinding chamber volume
- Maximum throughput
- Excellent cooling properties


The K series is suitable for a wide range of products from low to very high viscosities.The mill is available in sizes ranging from laboratory to large-production mill and is ideal for scale-up. The core piece is a conical agitator with centrifugal relief of the gap separation and intensive stator and rotor cooling. Optional special materials enable contamination-free processes. Designed for universal applications
  • Due to the dynamic relief of the separating gap and the conical process chamber, the mill is suitable for products of low to extremely high viscosities.
  • Contamination-free grinding is enabled by an independent blocking circuit with all mill sizes.

High power density with small grinding chamber volume

  • Thanks to the small grinding chamber cleaning is made easy. Product carry-over and use of cleaning solvents are reduced to a minimum.

Maximum throughput

  • Machines of the K series achieve outstanding throughput rates even with solids contents up to 70 %.
  • The optimized agitator geometry contributes to an extremely long service life.

Excellent cooling properties

  • The special agitator geometry allows maximum cooling and thus processing of temperature-sensitive products.