Bag Pusher MWTQ

Bag Pusher MWTQ – An efficient process step for individualized packing solutions.

- Modular design
- Flexible application
- Maximum efficiency

Bag Pusher MWTQ

At the end of the bag closing belt conveyor, the bag pusher MWTQ deposits the closed bag at a right angle on the downstream element. Even after adjusting the height of the belt conveyor, the lying bag will be forwarded to the next element at a constant drop-off point. Modular design for custom-tailored packing solutions.
  • Combined with other Bühler packing components, the bag pusher can be integrated as an efficient process step that is part of a customized bagging solution.
  • An optional chute is available for one-sided manual or motorized belt height adjustment.

Flexible application for different bag sizes.

  • Thanks to its high level of flexibility, the bag pusher MWTQ has a wide range of applications. By applying a cross-belt on the downstream element, it can be used for varying bag sizes.

Gentle conveying makes for an efficient process.

  • The closed bag is forwarded to the downstream element at a right angle and with the bag bottom facing forward. Gentle depositing ensures that the bag remains undamaged. This guarantees maximum production line availability and high process efficiency.


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