Bag Packing Control System MEAG-P

Bag Packing Control System MEAG-P – Simple and efficient control of bag packing processes.

- Centralized, flexible control system
- High reliability
- User-friendly operation

Bag Packing Control System MEAG-P

The bag packing control system MEAG-P is a highly efficient solution for controlling an entire bag packing system. The integrated control system facilitates centralized control of all process units from the bagging bin to the finished bag. The individual control units for bin discharging and product supplies, scales, bag packing and closing units as well as the bag conveyer are combined into one single control unit. Highly flexible centralized control system.
  • The MEAG-P bag packing control system sets itself apart by combining the individual components into one universal control unit. In addition, it is also possible to incorporate third-party equipment. MEAG-P can be integrated into master process control systems via Profibus, digital, analog or serial interfaces. As a result, the bag packing control system stands out as a particularly flexible and sustainable solution.

Reliable operation thanks to robust hard- and software.

  • The MEAG-P bag packing control system distinguishes itself with robustness and reliability. Its hardware is insensitive to dust and resistant to vibrations and temperature influences. Combined with software that has been designed with the specific needs in mind, it guarantees high reliability of operation.

Simple operation for maximum user-friendliness.

  • By combining the control units of all components involved, the MEAG-P considerably increases user-friendliness.


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