Auger Packer MWPQ

Auger Packer MWPQ – for compacting non-free-flowing, bulky products.

- Fast and cost-efficient assembly
- Reduction of bag material usage
- High range of utilisation
- Reliable bagging


Auger Packer MWPQ

The Bühler Auger Packer MWPQ is applied for bagging of non-free-flowing, bulky products. This machine can be used with prior weighing of the product.
  • bran
  • low-density feed meals
  • byproducts

Fast and cost-efficient assembly

Telescope-pillar support: Solid support

Reduction of bag material usage

Adjustable pressure of the extrusion screw: Optimal compacting

High range of utilisation

Capacity of 300 bags/hour: For non-free-flowing and bulky products. For bags with a width of at least 620mm and length of 1050-1300mm

Reliable bagging

High-performance technology: Automatic release and finishing of the filling process.

Clamping protection: At first the clamping jaws close with a little air pressure which is increased to operating pressure just before the clamping position is reached. If the clamping position is not reached within a particular time, the clamping jaws swivel back to their starting position for safety.