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Integrated grinding system


The Arrius MRRA is the first fully integrated grinding system. It is applied for grinding wheat, durum, rye, barley, corn and spelt where it sets the benchmark in terms of grinding performance and energy efficiency.

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Key benefits

Improve grinding efficiency

A completely new feed module with asymmetrical inlet and screw mixes the product homogeneously and distributes the product evenly over the entire roller length.

Save up to 10% energy

The integrated drive, consisting of motor and gearbox, consumes up to 10% less energy. Energy is recovered mechanically with a specially developed gear.

Save building investment costs

Save an entire floor and thereby building investment costs. The integrated drive of the Arrius makes all that possible.

Highlight features

Grinding performance

Unparalleled grinding stability

The heart of the Arrius is the newly developed roller pack. It is pre-stressed and backlash-free, which makes for a stable grinding process and optimizes the energy transfer into the product. Together with the optimized feed module it assures outstanding grinding performance.

Ease of use

Best-in-class usability

The new control system of the Arrius is characterized by its adaptability and ease of use. An integrated web server allows monitoring and operation of the grinding system from different devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Decide for yourself how you wish to interact with your Arrius.

Plug-and-play design

Integration allows fast installation

The integrated switch cabinet means that the Arrius is wired and tested at the Bühler assembly plant and delivered ready to operate. This "plug-and-play" system significantly reduces installation and commissioning time.

Food safety

Hygienic design of the machine

The Arrius is designed according to the highest food safety standards. All surfaces touching the product are made out of stainless steel or other food-grade materials. It is the first grinding system that allows cleaning under the machine. The emptying function ensures a residue-free discharge of the feed module.

Operational safety

A new standard in terms of safety

With an electronically lockable cover and hand guard protection, the Arrius sets a new benchmark in terms of operational safety. The latest sensor technology including roller temperature measurement continuously monitor the machine status to safeguard high uptimes.

Customize your machine

Choose from a wide range of sizes and options

The Arrius integrated grinding system comes in a four-roller and in an eight-roller version. Rollers are available in the lengths 1000 mm, 1250 mm, and 1500 mm. You can add various options including motor-driven grinding gap adjuster, roller and bearing temperature monitoring, and grinding force measurement.

The new roller removing device allows a quick change of the entire roller pack in less than one hour. This cuts downtime and therefore increases productivity.

The Bühler remote app allows to access the machines on mobile devices in the mill's internal wireless network. Through the initial setup you can arrange the machines according to your plant layout. By selecting an integrated grinding system, the app connects to the control system and the user interface is displayed. All functionalities of the Arrius control system are also available on the app.

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