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The AlPesa is a compact and complete milling system for whole-wheat atta flour and flour from sorghum. It has a throughput of up to 18 tons per day, offers a high level of food safety and produces a wide range of flour qualities.

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Key benefits

Produce a range of different flour qualities

You can adjust starch damage, water absorption and other flour characteristics using the grinding gap adjustment. So you can produce different qualities and colors of whole-wheat atta flour – such as North and South Indian atta flour.

High level of food safety and sanitation

The AlPesa is made from food-safe materials and is thus more hygienic than traditional stone mills. The high-compression mill and plansifter are also easily accessible for cleaning, so you can maintain a high level of food safety.

Compact design, simple building requirements

The compact design of the AlPesa only requires a small footprint on one floor. The AlPesa can be operated stand-alone or integrated into an existing mill.

Key features

A complete milling system

What the AlPesa includes

The AlPesa includes everything you need from intake to bagging of the finished product. It combines different modules – for feeding, grinding, sifting, bagging, pneumatic conveying, and automation.

Ease of use

Designed for easy operation

The switch cabinet of the AlPesa contains the power electronics and an integrated touch screen to operate the system. The AlPesa can be operated and monitored from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Pre-assembled modules

Install and start up within two weeks

The AlPesa comes in pre-assembled and pretested modules. Our local engineers carry out the installation and start-up for you. The AlPesa can produce flour after two weeks.

Proven technology

High-compression mill with a track record of success

The AlPesa is a compact version of our PesaMill milling system – which has been operating worldwide since 2017. The AlPesa is also a high-compression mill. It replaces traditional chakki stone mills, producing authentic whole-wheat atta flour for chapatis, rotis, puris and other flatbreads.

Global application centers

Test the AlPesa in one of our application centers

Try out the AlPesa and new recipes at our application center in Bangalore or Uzwil in Switzerland. Explore our new technology. Work with our expert engineers and technicians on-site.

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