AeroToast Fluid Bed Toaster

AeroToast Fluid Bed Toaster – an ideal solution for RTE cereal processing.

- High-quality product output
- Greater efficiency
- Low operating costs
- Easy sanitation

AeroToast™ Fluid Bed Toaster

An ideal solution for toasting, roasting, puffing and cooling.

Bühler’s line of AeroToast air impingement fluidization equipment uses high temperature for a broad range of drying, toasting, roasting, puffing and cooling applications. It is employed in RTE (ready to eat) cereal toasting, snack foods, bread crumbs and tobacco. A full range of configuration options are available to suit specific installation and product requirements. Innovative solutions ensure high-quality product.
AeroToast employs high-velocity air tubes for consistent airflow, ensuring uniform product. During the conveying process, the product is gently agitated with fluidized air. A high rate of thermal transfer results in enhanced product characteristics such as color, texture and size.

Customer-driven heating and exhaust system options for greater efficiency.
Heat source, recirculation and dust removal configurations are adapted to the customer's operating conditions to assure quicker installation, better plant integration and lower plant operating costs.

Customized design and configuration help to reduce operating costs.

  • High-velocity air is distributed across the length and width of the AeroToast processing zones to deliver improved heat transfer, thus lowering operating costs. 
  • AeroToast offers customized conveyor bed options to suit the customer's specific product type and handling characteristics for best operational performance.

Clean design enhances sanitary operations.
The clean internal design and easy access to the AeroToast helps to minimize cleaning time and maximize operating time.