AeroRoast Dry Roaster

AeroRoast Dry Roaster – a better, more profitable roasting operation.

- Consistent roast color and moisture uniformity
- Capacities from 1000kg per hour and up
- Clean, safe operation
- Modular construction

AeroRoast™ Dry Roaster

Consistent roasting and drying of tree nuts, peanuts and seeds.

The unique dual-plenum design of Bühler’s high-capacity AeroRoast Dry Roaster delivers uniform heat and airflow distribution across the entire product bed, producing superior roast color and consistent moisture content. Designed for drying peanuts, tree nuts such as almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts and walnuts, and sunflower seeds, the AeroRoast features an increased airflow velocity, allowing for higher throughput rates. Cleaning downtime is reduced due to a host of sanitation features including full welds, complete interior access and the elimination of debris collection points. These features increase the effectiveness of the cleaning, as well. Consistent airflow increases product quality.
  • The AeroRoast Dry Roaster uses a unique airflow design to assure consistent processing across the product bed, producing unmatched roasting consistency. 
  • Airflow is delivered both above and below the product layer, enhancing moisture removal and roasting characteristics while minimizing processing time.

Efficient operation via individually controlled processing zones.
Separately controlled roaster temperature processing zones ensure that heat transfer occurs effectively as the product moves through the conveyor dryer. This results in highly efficient operation, precise control over roasting characteristics, and lower utility costs.

Individually tailored for optimum performance.
The AeroRoast is designed to meet a product's specific thermal processing characteristics. Processors can specify infeed, discharge and other operating line parameters to ensure that the unit fits the plant design and delivers optimum performance.

Sanitary design features ensure clean, safe operation.
Sloped, smooth inner surfaces allow product to flow through the roaster without collecting or becoming a safety or sanitation risk. Easy access via large doors and removable panels allows cleaning to occur more often and more quickly during routine operations. This more hygienic design eliminates the diffuser plates commonly used in other roasters, further minimizing the risks of bacterial growth and fire.

Flexible assembly reduces installation costs.
A modular design option allows the AeroRoast to be shipped with the conveyor bed installed, reducing installation time and cost onsite.

Validated kill step for peanuts.
The AeroRoast is capable of being validated as a kill step in the roasting of peanuts due to its ability to uniformly heat the entire product bed. A recent study done jointly with the USDA Agricultural Research Service confirmed that using specific processing parameters such as those the AeroRoast is capable of, results in a 5-log reduction of Salmonella. Additional studies using other kinds of nuts have been scheduled.

Learn more about Bühler's commitment to Food Safety

Peanuts on bed Salted-in-shell peanuts are uniformly roasted and cooled for packaging.
Peanut Roaster Dual plenum dry roaster processing shelled peanuts.
Inline nut roaster The AeroDry roaster is also available as an inline airflow configuration.


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