Advanced Dryer Controls

Advanced Dryer Controls – enhance the performance of your conveyor dryer.

- Improved product quality
- Increased yield
- Maximum energy efficiency

AeroPro™ Advanced Dryer Controls

Enhance the performance of your drying operation.

Bühler offers a variety of control packages to enhance the performance and efficiency of ovens, dryers, coolers, toasters and roasters. A variety of hardware and software platforms are supported to allow integration with existing plant-wide operating systems. AeroPro Advanced Dryer Controls are commonly used in the processing of petfood, snack foods and half-products where precise control of moisture and evaporation is critical. Product Quality
Optimized product consistency is a key benefit of AeroPro Dryer Controls. Product moisture is controlled closer to specifications, leading to superior product quality and increased yield. Two components make this possible.
  • Evaporation Control (EC) measures key process variables and models them against standard design conditions. Process conditions are then modified to accommodate upstream deviations.
  • With the Moisture Control (MC) component, zone temperature setpoints are automatically adjusted to achieve a specific discharge product moisture.

Energy Savings
Increased energy efficiency is achieved with AeroPro controls through the monitoring and optimization of thermal operating conditions.

  • Humidity Control (HC) ensures exhaust levels are optimized based on the current evaporation load. Precise control of heated exhaust air prevents energy waste. Additionally, a constant humidity ensures uniform processing conditions, resulting in more uniform product moisture levels.
  • Energy Performance (EP) displays the current operating efficiency of the equipment. Energy data is displayed on an operator interface screen. The system sounds a warning alarm when efficiency goes outside of design ranges. Operators may then take corrective action to reach optimal efficiency.

Equipment Utilization
Product Tracking (PT)
 is the method of tracking the presence of product and its location in the dryer. Tracking enables the activation of Evaporation or Moisture Control, as well as energy saving modes. The visual display of product in the dryer also allows faster change-overs.

AeroPro Advanced Dryer Controls can be ordered with new Bühler equipment, or retrofitted to many other brands of conveyor dryer.

AeroPro Dryer Controls screen The intuitive user interface of AeroPro controls enables quick access to recipes and dryer operating parameters.

Cost Savings with AeroPro Controls

With full implementation of AeroPro Advanced Dryer Controls, energy costs can be reduced up to 20% with increased product yield of 1%.

See example case study.