SORTEX F Optical Sorter

SORTEX F Optical Sorter - now available with SORTEX BioVision™ technology for the cleanest and safest nuts

- SORTEX BioVision™ - detects up to 50% smaller than other current industry solutions
- Most hygienic machine design for no tolerance on contamination
- Fully equipped for a digital world

SORTEX F Optical Sorter

Now available with SORTEX BioVision™ technology for safer and cleaner nuts and dried fruit.

The industry’s most hygienic optical sorter is now available with SORTEX BioVision™ technology. Optimised for nuts and dried fruit sorting including secondary producers of snacks, chocolate spreads and nut milks.

The SORTEX F is renowned for its hygienic design; open frame, stainless steel, slopped surfaces and food-safe grade fixings and when combined with SORTEX BioVision™ technology, offers a 4-in-1 detection, targeting colour, nut shells, shape and foreign material in all nut variety; peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and more, whether in-shell nuts, natural, blanched or chopped.

SORTEX BioVision™ technology.
Detects hazardous materials up to 50% smaller than current industry solutions

• Combination of unique technologies; BioCam™, combined with either High Definition InGaAs HD, colour cameras or both for better detection

• Targets the spectral and spatial difference between the nut shell and nut meat which cannot be seen if using the industry standard colour camera

• Enhanced colour defect detection; subtle yellows and spots and diseased ridden nuts such as rotten and aflatoxin infected nut kernels

Hygienic design with no tolerance for contamination
Designed with the highest levels of food safety and hygiene in mind

• Designed with stainless steel frame, slopped surfaces, hygienic conduits, stainless steel air sets and grade fixings – hygienic sorting solution whilst preventing product build-ups

• Superior access for cleaning and maintenance - adjustable anodized 1200mm double chute, operators can easily step inside the machine

Fully equipped for a digital world
Seamless integration of technologies – easy to operate and intuitive to use.

• New SORTEX ProSortX™ operating software comes as standard. Featuring a fresh new interface that’s modern, clean and intuitive to use.

• Equipped with a new and larger 17inch touch screen user interface, simplifying usability for the operator.

• Featuring self-learning features, pre-set and user-defined modes for click and forget sorting that minimises operator intervention


SORTEX F with Biovision technology

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