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Dubai, UAE, 11/06/2017 The Bühler Group showcased its new, innovative solutions, promoting healthy, safe and sustainable solutions to the region at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017. The booth displayed the SORTEX A range of optical sorters -  a pinnacle in sorting solution, PulShine polisher  - the world's first dedicated pulse polisher that is both food-safe and hygienic to operate and held a on the booth conference to announce its MEA regional office, Bühler Dubai opening and the Group's vision in 'Feeling Good about Food'. The Bühler Group prides itself on supporting the food industry as it strives to meet not only the demands of evolving consumer preferences, but also regional traditions and tastes. October 31 to November 2 sees it showcase the breadth of its technological processing expertise, tailored to the Middle Eastern region, at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017. It will also take the opportunity to introduce its team of Dubai-based experts, as well as new, state-of-the-art technology, to Middle Eastern processors and manufacturers, to demonstrate how it can help customers capture new market opportunities.

“We keep an eye on emerging trends and develop solutions to enable our customers to respond to them with innovative products,” says Michael Blatter, area sales manager, Bühler Dubai: “We understand the needs of this region and have developed a complete range of technology solutions for the efficient processing of food, with improved quality and safety levels, to suit the requirements of the Middle Eastern market. We are proud to be able to introduce them to you at Gulfood.”

Safe, Healthy and Energy Efficient Snack Processing
Bühler offers comprehensive solutions for the hygienic processing of raw ingredients into foods that are nutritious and safe. These include the efficient reduction of toxin levels in a range of foods, hygienic solutions for polishing chickpeas and processing nuts, alongside ground breaking research that verifies how processors of nuts can use heat treatment in the roasting process to kill salmonella.

For healthy snacks like muesli bars or food containing pulses or nuts, Bühler supports full processing lines from intake of raw foods, to mechanical cleaning and optical sorting, cooking, forming, cutting and enrobing, to drying and roasting of the final product. Some examples…

  • NEW: The SORTEX® F with BioVision™ technology is the nut and dried fruit industry’s most hygienic optical sorter. It provides 3-in-1 detection of color defects, shell and foreign materials, while also preventing the risk of bacterial contamination, thanks to its easy cleaning and best-in-class hygienic design.
  • NEW: The PulShine™ Polisher is the only industry solution that uses grain-to-grain friction, eliminating the need for contact with non-food safe materials such as leather, cloth or polishing solution. This is brand new-to-market and unveiled for the first time at Gulfood Manufacturing.
  • The SnackFix™ forming and cutting unit is a compact solution for producing nuts and cereal bars on a smaller scale i.e. 100 kg per hour, perfect for processing startups or for testing new product lines, before large-scale production.
  • The SmartRoast™ Roaster for nuts and seeds is engineered to provide a high quality roast, in applications between 900-3,600 kilograms per hour. A uniform roast is ensured by a unique airflow that evenly distributes heat across the full width of the processing bed. Featuring a straight-forward, easy-to-use control system, the SmartRoast’s stainless steel construction and open design delivers clean operation and minimizes the risk of contamination by pathogens.
  • The SORTEX® A helps processors to manage the risk created by toxins and other hazardous contaminants in food. For instance, it can reduce mycotoxin levels in grain and maize, aflatoxins in nuts and ergot in rye, as well as remove foreign material such as glass, metals and stones.

Large and Small Scale Confectionery Processing
75% of all chocolate consumed around the globe, including solid chocolate and fillings, is produced with Bühler technology. The most often applied technology is roll refining - a state-of-the-art process that provides the highest flexibility for a variety of products, while ball mill grinding technology also plays a significant role in processing. Highlights are:

  • The NOVA™ ball mill is developed for industrial production of compound chocolate and filling masses. Thanks to its unique design, it can grind chocolate and compound masses based on crystalline sugar down to 18 microns in only one pass.
  • The SmartChoc™ system is a new process solution that allows the cost-efficient manufacture of small and medium batches of real chocolate and compound masses - starting from 60kg up to 250 kg per hour.
  • The ChocoBotic™ is revolutionizing the chocolate molding industry, with integrated robotic technology for manufacturing small batches of any kind of products, such as filled pralines, bars with small inclusions or just plain tablets.

Processing High Quality Staple Foods
Bread, rice and pulses are staples in Middle Eastern cuisine, but pasta is fast becoming a popular kitchen-cupboard staple across the region too. Bühler offers a suite of technology to help processors deliver premium products, including the latest technology for pasta-making. Crafting flour into high-quality pasta is only achieved with the most mechanically reliable and tightly controlled processes – from the accurate dosage of raw materials and precise extrusion pressure that forms the dough into perfect pasta shapes, to the right air distribution for correct drying.

  • The Ecothermatik™ - an Innovative technology for drying Long-cut pasta. Ecothermatik™ stabilizes the gluten network while minimizing structural defects such as cracking. It produces top quality Pasta while saving up to 40% of the thermal energy required by traditional methods.
  • The POLYtwin™ Extruder is extremely flexible in application thanks to its modular design. It can be used to process breakfast cereals, food ingredients, petfood and fish feed and other customized products and facilitates operator’s life with its patented screw ejection unit and the unique intelligent process control.
  • TotalSense™ Mobile Rice Analyser is an IoT solution that maximizes profits in rice processing, by optimizing yield through the quick and objective analysis of broken and discolored rice grains, delivering up to 2% reduction in waste.

In the region, for the region
Bühler has sales and service centers worldwide, with five based in the Middle East - Riyadh, Beirut, Istanbul, Cairo, Teheran and Dubai. These centers support customers with skilled service engineers, process specialists, local stock items and much more, even at short notice. Bühler has also developed the newly launched myBühler digital portal, which gives customers access to a wide range of information, plus the capability to order spare parts quickly and easily, thus reducing downtimes and enabling plants to run more efficiently.


Bühler @ Gulfood Manufacturing 2017

Bühler @ Gulfood Manufacturing 2017  Promoting healthy, safe and sustainable food production through innovative processing solutions - Bühler @ Gulfood Manufacturing 2017