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Your speciality is the production of excellent delicacies made of chocolate. Our speciality is the transformation of innovative technological ideas into technically perfect machine and line designs for optimum process engineering. For your success.

We accompany you – From the idea to daily production.
Marketing is often the spark which ignites the desire for new ideas with which you can make the chocolate dreams of your customers come true. And often there are no time and no practical possibilities of giving these ideas a chance. Our development team and our well-equipped pilot plant are at your disposal when you take the first steps along the road of implementing ideas. Processes are tested here and advanced to fully fledged production solutions. The right foundation for planning the appropriate process engineering and line configuration.

Time to market is the profit.
Every line that leaves our factory is previously tested in every detail in a trial run. In this way it can go into operation more quickly on site. That always pays. We accompany you as your partner – also after sales – so that we can always offer you solutions with which you gain in convenience. For example, together we keep your process parameters at an optimum level.

Innovations have a long tradition.
Bühler GmbH has created trendsetting developments to take the critical aspect out of product liability. The compact SeedMaster® permits the simultaneous seeding of two different masses, e.g. white and dark chocolate masses. In this way the type of mass can be replaced in quick succession without contamination. And with the compact SeedMaster® shell and filling masses can also be precrystallised at the same time in one unit. The new generation of depositors from Bühler GmbH, like the VersiShot™, is designed so that the mass hopper and the depositing tools can be completely changed-over – in less than one hour. You can therefore be sure that contamination is prevented when a recipe is changed, an aspect which is becoming ever more important in the processing of masses containing nuts.

Bühler GmbH – Trendsetter today and tomorrow.
Another bonus as regards to safety: We can electronically simulate processes and test them for feasibility. With a one-shot simulation, for example, the ratio of shell thickness and filling quantity can be balanced out. Technological trends, such as seed precrystallisation, the dew point temperature reduction in the CoolCore™ process or the backing scrapers that work in opposite directions preventing the backing mass from flowing over the mould edge, are important reasons why over 80% of our customers recognise us as trendsetters.


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