Bühler is the global leader in thermal processing technology, with the acquisition of Aeroglide Corporation in 2008. Aeroglide dryers, roasters, toasters, ovens and coolers are recognized worldwide for superior airflow design, sanitation and high-quality construction. These elements combine to maximize return on investment. 

Bühler designs and manufactures customized solutions which meet the unique requirements of its customers. With each project, the focus is always "Perfection in Thermal Processing." Expertise in all fields of drying and thermal processing ensures a competitive edge for processors in a variety of market sectors.

Bühler's unique airflow system provides uniform heat and air delivery for breakfast cereals, snacks, sugar-infused fruits, nuts, potato products and other food products. Customer benefits include maximum product quality, color and moisture content. Energy savings is an additional benefit, thanks to the dryer's high thermal efficiency and balanced airflow design.

Petfood and Aquafeed
Bühler is a leading supplier of drying solutions for petfood and aquafeed. Innovations include multiple-pass and sequentially zoned dryers, advanced control systems and an oscillating feeder for consistent bed loading. Sanitation is a priority with all Bühler food and feed dryers. All dryer designs incorporate customer requirements for sanitation and cleaning. Examples include full interior access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance; elimination of debris collection points, fines management and clean-in-place systems.

Industrial Materials
In the processing of charcoal, polymers, synthetic rubber and other industrial products, Bühler dryers feature heavy-duty, robust construction capable of withstanding elevated temperatures and harsh conditions. Special design requirements may include precise conditions for airflow and temperature uniformity, special grades of steel and surface finishes for sanitation, or highly specific PLC based control systems for moisture regulation and monitoring.

Grains and oilseeds
Our patented drying solution assures a perfectly homogenous final moisture profile for all free flowing grains and oil seeds in order to reliably store or further process them. Flexibility and energy efficiency are given, thanks to the heat recovery and optimal configuration with a selection of different heating mediums. Ensuring that legal emission levels for dust are met, intuitive operation and clear process visualization are further advantages of the drying plant. Particularly for very moist corn the innovative solution scores cost reductions in fuel consumption of up to 20%.

Paddy rice
As number one in industrial rice processing Bühler offers exceptionally gentle drying solutions for Raw Paddy as well as Parboiled Paddy. The multi pass system, consisting of continuous flow column dryers and temper bins allows to react to fluctuating incoming moisture contents and delivers a completely homogenous drying result. Although, the most determining advantage is the minimal creation of breakage during the drying process which implicates highest rice quality and sustainable head rice yield.


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