Lost Core

Future challenges
Current and future trends such as lightweight construction in the automotive industry and constantly growing cost pressures continuously demand innovation, also in die casting. Topics such as integral design and high productivity require new creative solutions.

Technology with high potential
Lost Core offers completely new options and is paving the way for diverse applications. In this way, "Lost Core", makes it possible, for example, to substitute mold and sand cast components and thus take full advantage of the benefits of die casting – such as material savings, shortening of the cycle time and the reduction in post-processing. Lost Core also enables the development of completely new products. The internal shaping can be more complex in design. The combination of multiple components enables a higher degree of function integration and the increased freedom of design allows for completely new component designs.

Bühler solutions
In order to use the Lost Core process profitably, technical feasibility and manufacturing costs must first be carefully considered. For a first feasibility check Bühler is happy to make its knowledge and expertise available in order for users to further develop the process independently, as Bühler is waiving all its patent rights to this process.

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