Engine Block Process

Sustainability as a central task
Sustainable production and low-emissions vehicles are central topics in the automobile sector and serve to drive current developments forward. Within the context of downsizing, CO2 emissions are being continually optimized. In these efforts, die casting has established itself as a very productive method

Cost effective production
The die casting method offers the most economic manufacturing of engine blocks for automobiles. Using lost-core technology, closed-deck engine blocks are within reach.

Optimized cycle times thanks to well-designed overall concept
Filling and solidification simulations are a fixed part of the development process and are routinely conducted at Bühler with much experience and know-how. The aim is to minimize porosity and produce perfectly casted products. Bühler's die casting equipment as well as the smart monitoring process ensures the high quality and reliable production of engine blocks. With more than 60 installed engine block cells, Bühler has in-depth experience in this field.

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