Control your business, shape your future.

The market is as dynamic as never before. Globalization is part of our everyday lives, price pressures and legal requirements are increasing. To be successful in such an environment, you need more than clearly defined goals and promising strategies for the future. You must be able to rely on production plants that offer maximum uptime and optimal performance. WinCos® satisfies all these requirements, being an automation system that is guaranteed to be a secure investment. It offers a favourable price-to-performance ratio, an outstanding user experience and flexibility. Additionally WinCos is compatible with all commonly used systems, and can be customized to suit every company-specific need. With WinCos®, Bühler has developed an automation system which integrally combines process technology and automation. This is the key for achieving best production standards leading to highest competitiveness of your business, now and in the future.

Besides providing automation systems like WinCos® and LiteCos, Bühler presents itself as the ideal life cycle partner:
To continuously increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your plant, well-educated staff and up-to-date equipment and systems are of great importance. To achieve this goal, Bühler supports you with specific Automation Services.

Plant Automation

The range of services offered by Bühler in the automation of plant and equipment is comprehensive.

Automation Services

Bühler Automation Services offers support in the training of your staff and also assists in the modernization of your plant technology – hardware as well as software.

Machine Automation

Bühler produces equipment and machines with highest performance. This performance also derives from the perfect match between control units (machine/equipment control systems) and equipment hardware. Additionally, Bühler has integrated their deep process and technology know-how into the control units, in order to ensure optimal performance for the whole process.


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