Ensure a safe journey for your grain

With our ship loading and unloading solutions


Ensure a safe journey for your grain

With our ship loading and unloading solutions

Global trade is increasing all the time, which is why we’ve designed our ship loaders and unloaders to handle the highest capacities with maximum efficiency.

Bühler’s gentle and reliable ship loading and unloading technology means you can always rest assured that your grain will have the safest journey possible.

Our loading and unloading systems are the industry’s standard-setters when it comes to efficiency, reliability, safety – and operating costs. Gentle handling not only ensures breakage is kept to an absolute minimum, but also reduces both energy consumption and wear and tear on your machinery. And all of this while still achieving truly impressive capacities – our loaders can load up to 3,000 tons per hour, and our unloaders up to 1,300 tons per hour of grains, oilseeds and derivatives. Download our brochure to see why we’re the perfect partner for your business.


Our advantages for the industry

One source – from whole plants to retrofitting equipment

We’ll handle your whole project. If you need a complete plant, we help with the design, installation, equipment and digital services. Or if you want a retrofit package to extend the lifetime of your existing ship loader and unloader, we can easily arrange that as well.

Customized solutions – lifelong partnerships

We’re used to working with a wide range of companies across the globe. So whether you need to load or unload small barges or the biggest sea-going vessels we’ll have the right solution for you.

After-sales support – fast and effective

Our service goes the extra mile. We’re here to support you from the commissioning stage onwards with our service and sales teams located across 140 countries. Our field service engineers can offer fast, effective help either onsite or remotely in case of any problems.

Would you like to improve your unloading operation? Could your new operators benefit from some expert training to help them achieve the maximum loading and unloading capacity? Our specialist training courses offer a range of modules to keep your operating and maintenance crew fully up-to-date. Our skilled trainers will take your team through everything from critical unloader parts and maintenance requirements to maximum operating efficiency.

Making sure the right personnel are available at the right time, and having the knowledge and expertise to solve problems efficiently, can be challenging. Bühler has developed a specialized training program that takes your operating and maintenance teams through every aspect of ship loader und unloader machinery, with all their critical parts and maintenance requirements.

Act before it’s too late – ensuring you always have right spare parts in stock and organizing the necessary equipment on dock requires detailed planning. Your machinery is critical for your facility, and inspections by a Bühler specialist of your loader and unloader can ensure performance is always at maximum efficiency and there’s no unplanned downtime as a result of maintenance issues.

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