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Grain Processing Innovation Center (GPIC), Kano, Nigeria

Kano, Nigeria
Research and Development Centre
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Across the African continent, the import of grain and food products contributes to negative trade balances, which create negative cycles of high inflation, weakened local currencies, and forex shortages. However, Africa has vast areas of arable land, abundant local grains, and the potential to feed its people and even export any surplus. The empowerment of Africa starts with adding value to its natural resources within their countries of origin.

To support our customers in developing safe and affordable food using local grains, we have built the Grain Processing Innovation Center (GPIC), an R&D Center fully dedicated to unleashing the potential of local crops and ancient grains on an industrial scale, not only in Nigeria, but for the whole of Africa and beyond. It functions as a research and development hub specialized on locally grown crops and traditional grains and as a training center, with a comprehensive training program to empower food processors across the region.   The GPIC is the place to be when it comes to utilizing the many exceptional opportunities in transforming raw materials into new recipes through optimized processing. Strategically located in the city of Kano, the trading and processing hub for agricultural commodities in West Africa, the GPIC is positioned to ensure ease of accessibility to grain markets located all over Kano. Grains and nuts are readily available in large quantities in Kano, Nigeria, including sorghum, millet, wheat, maize, soya beans, groundnuts, beans, cashew nuts, tiger nuts, cassia tora, etc. Also available are other unidentified grain varieties detected in the local markets, which could hold potential for large-scale processing after trials at the GPIC.

Gain exclusive access to our equipment to test and develop your product and transform raw materials into new recipes through optimized processing. We support you to achieve high-quality end products that resonate with both taste and nutritional value. At the Grain Processing Innovation Center, the goal is to deliver whole-grain flour and meticulously cleaned grains through rigorous trials and cutting-edge techniques. However, that is just the beginning. With the versatile setup and a spirit of collaboration, the GPIC is equipped to transform these raw materials into a diverse array of final products. From pasta to biscuits, wafers to noodles, the possibilities are boundless. 

Our application experts are there throughout the process to support you in finding the process or product you need and train your employees with lots of interaction and case studies for maximum retention. Our experts are also available for technical assistance and training at your plant. We work closely with our other application centers – such as milling and baking- so you can create fully integrated production processes.


  • Cleaning section
  • Optical sorting
  • Rice from Brown to White
  • Degermination
  • Particle size reduction with crumbler
  • Whole grain grinding with Alpesa mill
  • Mechanical transport


  • Mechanical training
  • Local grain processing training
  • Optical sorting training

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Head of GPIC

Hmayed Ali


15 Maimalari road, Bompai