Welcome to the

Bühler Energy Center

Welcome to the

Bühler Energy Center

The Bühler Energy Center – fit for the future

Under the motto “Mach di fit!” (Get fit!), we are opening our Energy Center in Uzwil. With the completion of the Energy Center, Bühler has expanded its Uzwil campus, which includes the 2019-opened CUBIC innovation center. The result is a place that supports employees in learning and “recharging” on their own initiative and that enables them to successfully master the complex and dynamic demands of tomorrow’s professional and personal environments. In this way, the company is making itself and its employees fit for the future.

How do you get fit?

Positive energy and knowledge are crucial resources and form the basis for well–being, performance, and resilience. They influence our creativity and our innovative strength. From the very beginning, Bühler has shown great care for its employees. Now, we are continuing the path of a long tradition and building something big to keep fit for the future together.  


The Bühler Energy Center is a place on the campus in Uzwil where we keep fit, which drives us and strengthens us, where we try out new things, adapt to new requirements, and dare to grow. 

At the Bühler Energy Center, the three areas of Health & Lifestyle, Lifelong Learning, and Prototyping & Production form a modern setup which, driven by innovative personalities and methods, enables us all to successfully master the complex and dynamic demands of the private and working world and to seize new opportunities.  

We all need energy that drives us and strengthens us so that we are able to try new things, adapt to new requirements, be venturous, grow, and to be committed.

Stefan Scheiber, CEO Bühler Group

Education, health, innovation, and productivity are closely linked. With the Energy Center, Bühler is once again investing in the future. In doing so, we are making an important contribution to creating positive prospects for employees and for Bühler.

Christof Oswald, Head of Human Resources Switzerland

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How do you get fit?

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The structural requirements for the Bühler Energy Center are high because Bühler sets high standards for itself. This makes the project particularly innovative and exciting.

Elvis Pidic, Architect and Head of Corporate Real Estate Management

The Bühler Energy Center as part of the Bühler Campus is located at the interface of the Application & Training Center, CUBIC, and Production – connected by an office and training tower and offering a total of 5,000 square meters of space for collaboration, training, and production. The building exudes openness and is designed to allow interior flexibility, for today's needs as well as those of the future. Quite a few sustainability issues were considered with the project – from the reuse of concrete from the previous building to the use of low-CO2 cement or wood, to resource-saving technologies for operations.

Health & Lifestyle

The HealthPort will be the place in the Energy Center that focuses on being fit for life and increasing vitality and well-being both personally and professionally.

Judit Fröhlich, Head of Health Management

Tsering Gahler with a Bühler nurse Tsering Gahler with a Bühler nurse "It gives me a good feeling that my well-being is so dear to the company." - Tsering Gahler, Assistant Technology

In the Health & Lifestyle area, the focus is on individual health and resilience. We want to motivate employees of all ages to keep fit – mentally as well as physically, in the long term. In addition to proven primary care (today's first aid), health topics including prevention around the topics of nutrition, fitness, and recreation will play a key role. Primary care, travel health consultations, nutritional counseling, and checkups will complement the offerings of the new HealthPort of the Bühler Energy Center, providing knowledge and skills to keep you fit for the future.

Lifelong Learning

Head of Quality Management MLF Fabian Braegger Head of Quality Management MLF Fabian Braegger "Imparting new knowledge takes me further. " - Fabian Braegger, Head of Quality Management MLF
The flexible learning environment at the Bühler Energy Center supports Lifelong Learning with suitable learning media in different phases of life and career stages.

Sabrina Thalmann, Head Personal Development EMEA, Corporate Learning Center

When generations learn and share their expertise with each other, they will succeed and stay personally and professionally fit.

Andreas Bischof, Head of Apprenticeship

With its Lifelong Learning division, the Bühler Energy Center is setting a milestone for vocational training and the pursuit of knowledge. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are firmly anchored in our Bühler DNA. State-of-the-art training and continuing education facilities are being created in an area of more than 1,300 square meters to provide all employees with the necessary development perspectives for sustainable and long-term success. You never stop learning. 

The open learning landscapes in the Bühler Energy Center offer an atmosphere conducive to learning, which actively supports and promotes collaborative, individual, and creative learning processes in groups or for self study. 

Prototyping & Production

The proximity of the departments in the Energy Center creates an environment where experience and youthful freshness come together to enable innovation.

Andreas Schällebaum, Head Manufacturing Switzerland

apprentice branden riedi apprentice branden riedi "Making a difference with my ideas motivates me" - Branden Riedi, Apprentice

In the Prototyping & Production department, new manufacturing technologies are developed. Prototypes and functional models and series of parts for our products are produced in an area of more than 2,000 square meters. Prototyping is essential for the development of innovations. For our customers, we develop, test, and manufacture innovative technologies, spare parts, and new services in a fast-track process. The Bühler Energy Center ensures collaboration between the R&D departments of the businesses and production for greater efficiency.  

 The spacious and open premises of the Bühler Energy Center enable transparent communication across departments and generations, where decades of experience meet youthful exuberance.

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