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Protein Innovation Centre, Singapore

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The Innovation Centre is a collaborative project between Bühler and Givaudan. It will welcome food processing companies, start-ups and university researchers looking to develop novel plant-based food products. Bühler’s equipment and processing expertise combined with Givaudan’s flavor, taste, ingredient, and product development expertise create a unique offering and synergy that will be greatly advantageous to those developing new products, particularly when using wet or dry extrusion.

Dr. Aparna Venkatesh Dr. Aparna Venkatesh Dr. Aparna Venkatesh, Collaborative Innovation Lead, Buhler Southeast Asia
At our Protein Innovation Center, we focus a lot on the sustainable proteins space through the solutions we offer. In product development, we help customers understand formulations, and improve taste and texture through prototyping. What makes this facility unique is that we localize the products to the Asian palate. It has been very exciting to be part of this journey with our customers and to eventually see their products in the market!

Dr. Aparna Venkatesh

Our playground for Asia's plant-based food manufacturers

Fully open since 2021, the innovation center has helped to support 30+ companies in developing plant-based products.
kg per hour of output
Manufacturers can test their plant-based meat recipe at scale on Bühler technology producing from 30 up to 50
alternative processes
The innovation centre will support support companies in producing milk analogues and both wet and dry alternative protein textrudates.

Events and Trainings

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Protein Innovation Centre, Singapore

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