Mill efficiency and productivity increase
Talent retention
Lower downtimes and increased uptime
150+ years of cumulative trainer experience
Less food wastage due to less grain breakage
Complying with regulations
Increased product quality and safety


Home of IRMA

The Application Center, Bühler Bengaluru is a state-of-the-art utility center for conducting machine and product trials, establishing new findings which then lead to new applications for old processes. It houses the entire line of paddy to rice processing making it the only place in the world where one can learn rice processing in a real life environment. The facility is equipped to provide a comprehensive understanding of all the key sections of rice processing. For instance, rice quality measurement is an important aspect to consider since it has a direct impact on the end consumer. The analytical lab facility at the application center gives participants a plethora of techniques to measure rice quality.

One can also learn about latest innovations like pneumatic conveying, automation systems and next generation products. These are in line with latest technologies based on Artificial  Intelligence and Machine Learning.