Feed safety

Safety from field to fork

Feed safety

Safety from field to fork

Feed safety is one of the vital challenges faced by the global feed and food system. Hardly a day passes without news about feed that has been contaminated with harmful bacteria, mycotoxins, drug residues or other hazards. Feed safety issues can also have a catastrophic effect on a business, as was demonstrated with the recent African swine fever crisis.

The prevention of such incidents is vital, especially with the growing demand for meat. Additionally, younger generations are much more vocal about these issues, exerting increasing pressure on producers. All of this means that feed safety issues will become even more pressing as time goes on.


Feed facts

of feed crops
are contaminated with mycotoxins.
estimated increase
in consumption of animal products by 2050.
million tons
of animal feed is used annually in the EU alone.

The highest standards

As a global full solution provider for the feed industry, Bühler is consistently working on innovative and integrated solutions in the area of feed safety to reduce the risk of contamination. Our work harnesses science and technology to improve raw material quality, eliminate hazards and enable hygienic processing, and also includes collaborative innovation with leading partners to build feed safety solutions for today and tomorrow.

Risk factors for animal feed can be raw material contaminations, or contaminations introduced during processing. One important example of the former is harmful mycotoxins. Our raw materials storage, drying and range of grain cleaning and sorting technologies are tailored to effective mycotoxin control and removal.

The control of salmonella is another critical priority. Our steam conditioning and retention systems have been designed into a trusted kill step based on our expertise in engineering, process technology and microbiology to ensure pathogen control.

To minimize the risk of contaminations during processing, optimum factory hygiene levels are also vital. We offer a top-hygienic plant design encompassing everything from construction materials and zoning to equipment design, air quality and more.

We have also developed plant-control system modules that use a recipe-sequencing concept to prevent harmful cross-contaminations between feed products. Additionally, our traceability solution ensures precise tracing of materials, allowing quick responses to minimize business impact in case of a recall.

To ensure that you are always up to date, our safefood.ai feed safety intelligence solution informs you via live stream about feed safety alerts in the industry across the globe.

Bühler also offers customized feed safety training and consultancy, either in customers’ own plants or at Bühler locations across the world.

We cannot allow even one defective batch to enter our feed production process.

Massimo Zanin, CEO of Veronesi

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