Reconstituted & Fortified Rice

Bühler Extrusion: Turning broken rice into high-quality reconstituted rice.

Processing broken rice into grains of rice with specific product characteristics requires state-of-the-art technology. Bühler extrusion processes can be used to produce top-quality reconstituted rice that is all but indistinguishable from the natural product. Bühler's competence is applied to every stage of processing involved in the production of fortified rice: from grinding, blending, conditioning, extrusion and drying through to sifting, storage and packing. Depending on the desired product properties, the precise product-specific extrusion parameters can be determined by the customer.

Ground broken rice is transformed in Bühler's innovative systems into new grains whose appearance is remarkably like that of natural rice. As desired, the reconstituted rice can be fortified via addition of vitamins and minerals. Important properties such as color, form, size and texture as well as cooking characteristics and cooking time can be determined precisely.

Bühler's production process for fortified rice is protected by patent and is used successfully in the rice processing industry all over the world.


Recomposed fortified rice answers the demand of adequate nutritious food.


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