Long-Goods Pasta

The Bühler long-goods pasta line: efficiency and flexibility for top product quality.

Durum or common wheat, corn or rice – with Bühler's long-goods production line, a broad range of raw materials can be processed into a variety of premium-quality pasta products. Exceptional adaptability is just one reason why Bühler technologies are employed all over the world. For maximum efficiency in pasta production Bühler offers its pasta lines in a modular concept. Various capacities of the Polymatik™ and Priomatik™ pasta presses are available providing unsurpassed flexibility. Thus, any long-goods recipe can be produced as desired.

Optimal air distribution in the dryer, the moistening zone and in the cooler decisively influence the quality of the product. Bühler's long-goods pasta line ensures consistency in the pasta drying process over the entire stick width.

Since each drying zone is controlled separately, a product-specific moisture, temperature and time profile can be applied. The result is reproducible long-goods of the highest quality.

Along the proven C-line™- dryer Bühler offers the revolutionary Ecothermatik™-dryer for long-goods pasta. Thanks to a new and patented drying process the Ecothermatik™ allows massive energy savings at highest pasta quality levels in terms of appearance, cooking characteristics and breakage resistance. This results in higher profit margins and contributes to an economically and ecologically sustainable pasta production.


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