Optimal steamer technology for the finest couscous.

Couscous – originally from North Africa, this food has become very popular in many other parts of the world. Bühler production lines guarantee top couscous quality: a gentle steamer technology and optimal hygiene while simultaneously offering low energy consumption. Bühler offers customers around the globe an optimized process technology for producing the finest quality couscous. The function of our optimized steaming units is 100% effective and produces high-quality product in every regard.

Thanks to an innovative pre-screening process, it is ensured that only a selected product size reaches the high-performance drum-type dryer. A variable steam exhaust and an in-place system for cleaning the steamer belt even during production ensure the top quality couscous.

With Bühler's highly efficient special production line, steam consumption during couscous production is extremely low: Just 0.35 to 0.5 kg of steam is required for 1 kg of wet couscous – demonstrating the superior quality of Bühler's technological competence.


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