Roasted & Ground Coffee

Efficient production of roasted and ground coffee.

Coffee beans pass through a long sequence of processes before their essence as a hot beverage lands in our cups at home. Roasted and ground coffee of noble flavor is the result of efficient and gentle production processes – using Bühler equipment. All the zones in the Bühler production processes offer the individual bean sufficient latitude for optimal development. The high quality of the finished coffee product starts at a very early stage during cleaning and grading of the beans and is finally optimally preserved in a storage process which ensures maximum flavor retention.

Optical sorters of Bühler Sortex ensure efficient sorting of the coffee beans. High-accuracy proportioning using rugged Bühler weighing systems create the preconditions for achieving the best possible roasting process. In it, our batch roaster ensures uniform development of the flavor on the basis of flexible process control matched to the specific properties of the different coffee varieties.

The innovative roll technology of Bühler is highly valued around the world: It enables a wide variety of fineness degrees to be obtained for filter, instant, espresso, and Turkish coffee in a reproducible quality.


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